About PropTech Pioneer

People spend a surprising amount of time planning a holiday or buying a new car. They spend weeks or even months reading reviews, comparing prices, watching videos trying to get every piece of information they can about why they should buy a Mercedes over a Porsche, or go to Finland instead of Australia for their next holiday.

However, the same people spend surprisingly little time doing their research when buying an investment property. Yet, it is likely to be one of the most significant investment decisions they ever make. It is not because investors are happy to rely on information provided by property agents or are happy to accept a lot of risk.

I think this is because small investors do not have access to the information and resources to make truly informed investment decisions.

Investors have three problems investing off-plan

Whether you are an experienced investor or you are buying new build property for the first time, you have the same three problems:

  • Accessing reliable new build market information
  • Being able to accurately forecast your investment return (after taxes)
  • Determine where or not you are getting a good deal


We built PropTech Pioneer for small investors to give them access to new build investment information. We want you to have all the information, so you can make better new build investment decisions. At PropTech Pioneer, our mission is to create an open and transparent marketplace for all involved in the new build property industry. We believe new technology is the key to this transformation, hence the name PropTech Pioneer.

Our team is currently engaged with several disruptive ventures intended to improve market transparency, increase investor access to knowledge, improve market efficiency and reduce developer market access costs.


jd.com PropTech Pioneer About PropTech PioneerWe have been selected as the exclusive sales & servicing agent for a new global real estate portal with JD.com one of China’s largest eCommerce platforms. With a membership base of more than 480 m active users, we will provide developers direct access to investors in the PRC at a scale never previously achieved. By reducing the cost to access investors critical to funding new development we hope to help developers speed up the process.

Learn More: PropTech Pioneer Partners With JD.com


Du Val Global


de val PropTech Pioneer About PropTech Pioneer

Du Val Global will launch in Q4, 2021, the revolutionary digital platform levels the playing field for smart property investors. Members will have access to real time market information, sophisticated analysis tools allowing them to forecast the likely return of an investment after tax. Members will benefit from our proprietary Du Val Dynamic Pricing™ algorithm which reduces market access costs for developers and passes the savings on to investors. We are currently in alpha testing and will begin live beta tests shortly.



Prosper Book Cover 1 PropTech Pioneer About PropTech Pioneer

We have written ‘An insider’s guide to investing in the new-build property market’. Our book was written with first time investors in mind setting out all the information they need to successfully navigate the new build market.

Our Property Investment Experts

Ashley Osborne

Ashley Osborne- UK Property Investment Expert

Ashley is the CEO and co-founder of Du Val Global and Du Val Group International and has more than 20 years of experience in real estate development and investment from across the globe. Ashley has worked in various senior roles in Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London. Ashley has a wealth of cross-border experience, having worked on projects on diverse locations from Zhengzhou to London.

Ashley’s distinguished career began at a local residential property agency in Adelaide, Australia. Ashley went on to lead the global residential project marketing business at Colliers International, one of the world’s largest property agencies, where he worked for more than 10 years as the Managing Director of International Properties Asia and the Head of UK Residential.

Ashley’s experience promoting and selling real estate from all over the world to buyers across continents brings a unique perspective on what investors, developers are looking to achieve. Ashley has always been an innovator in the property industry and was the principal architect behind Colliers International’s rapid growth in the Asian project marketing industry.


Nina Davies

Nina Davies - UK Property Investment Expert

Nina has had a long and distinguished career in the residential project marketing industry. Over the past 20 years Nina has acted for some of the world’s largest developers; in roles at Colliers International, DTZ and Jones Lang LaSalle. Starting her career in London with DTZ, Nina has been a true pioneer in the sector having worked in London, Singapore and later Hong Kong where she has held senior leadership positions for Colliers International.

Nina’s deep knowledge of real estate development together with her detailed understanding of Asian and international investors, place her in a unique position to provide clients with unrivalled knowledge and access to international investment markets.

As the market, client and investor requirements have changed over the years, Nina has built and expanded sales platforms throughout Asia to respond. Prior to joining Du Val Global, Nina led multi-platform sales teams throughout Asia including; Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Brunei, Malaysia and Jakarta.


Amanda Mok

Amanda Mok - Property Investment ExpertAmanda has been studying and living in the UK since the age of 13 and holds a master’s degree in International Real Estate and Planning from UCL. As an ambitious and self-motivated individual, Amanda continuously develops a strong interest in property investment and the real estate industry.

With many years of experiences working with investors in China, Hong Kong and South-East Asia, Amanda has a full understanding of residential and international property markets in global cities including London, Manchester, New York and Sydney. Amanda specialises in off-plan developments and new home sales to investors in the Asian market space.

Prior to joining Du Val Global, Amanda worked at Colliers International in both their Hong Kong and London offices organising and managing promotional launches and sales events for some of the world’s largest developers such as Lendlease, Taylor Wimpey and Berkeley Homes, through close collaboration with all operation divisions and sales teams.