Industry Body warns about too many Council Licensing Schemes

Propertymark has expressed concerns about a new council licensing scheme for landlords. Propertymark is an industry trade body which represents UK landlords. They have written to housing secretary Michael Gove.

Although they have written about a specific council scheme. Their concerns apply to new wave of licencing proposals proposed by local authorities.

Their letter concerns a proposal from Labour-led Brent council in north London. Brent are looking to put in place selective licensing schemes across all but one of its wards.

Council licensing schemes

In their letter to Michael Gove, Propertymark contend.

  • The cost of a license could be better used improving the standard of the property
  • The council doesn’t have the capacity to inspect all the properties which need a license. The delay will force landlords to operate in a black market
  • Most landlords are currently abiding by the law. But many will leave the industry owing to the challenging market. Leaving less housing options for the most vulnerable. Less rental stock will lead to higher rents for the homes that remain;
  • The schemes failure to address antisocial behaviour, energy efficiency, and overcrowding
  • Lack of consultation with landlords
Image of a license.  Industry Body warns of council licensing scheme.

Propertymark says it supports local governments’ efforts to raise standards in the private rental market. But, it claims that licencing programmes are expensive for landlords.

Landlord licensing fees can sometimes cost thousands of pounds. The costs increase when landlords own several properties close together. The body claims that this money would be better spent raising standards.

Manchester, Middlesborough, Merton, Brent, and of Tower Hamlets all have proposed licensing schemes. Propertymark argues its members should receive a discount who strive for good standards.

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