Information and timing are critical to generating wealth, but smart investors know access is out of reach. Access to good information is hard to come by and reserved for big investors. Making informed investments hard.

At MyPropTech we believe that smart investors should have access to all the information and tools to make wise property investments. We are building a platform that puts all that information and analysis tools within easy reach.

So now any smart investor can analyse like a pro, which means you can invest better, and prosper faster.

The Problem

The savvy investor must go through an antiquated system and the world has moved on. The industry needs a dramatic disruptor to open access to information that levels the playing field: putting information in the hands of astute, hardworking investors. Global property investment is now something you do, rather than an event to wait for at the behest of property agents.

Until now, investors were reluctant to invest early on in residential property because they knew the deals were gone to those with access to institutional information.

Property development marketing through property exhibitions was an effective way to generate awareness in the early-2010s. Then, Asian investors’ awareness of property market was low so having international investment experts come and present was necessary.

Times have moved on, investors are savvier, but property marketers have just kept on doing property expos. In the early 2010s there were not many expos, but as competition grew so did the expense.

Ultimately, someone must pay the bill, and it is always investors. Based on analysis, marketing through property exhibitions adds between USD 25,000 to USD 50,000 to the purchase price!

Investors want a better solution. Property developers want a better solution. Technology gives us the ability to eliminate this waste and build long-term relationships with investors that property agents just do not care about.

Our Mission

To provide smart investors with institutional-grade property information, analysis and access property investment opportunities not commonly offered to smaller astute investors.

Democratising property investing information to increase access and wealth for all in the property market

Our Purpose

To help property developers and property investors speed up development of properties at lower costs by eliminating the financial waste involved in international project marketing.


The MyPropTech platform allows investors to combine their investment power when dealing with property developers. When enough investors get involved, it has the same impact as an institutional investor. This is only possible through the MyPropTech platform.