PropTech Singapore

PropTech, or property technology, is revolutionising the way real estate is traded. It will change the way real estate purchased, sold, and managed in Singapore. Every aspect of real estate will change. From virtual home tours to online mortgage applications. PropTech Singapore is streamlining the process for both agents and buyers.

One of the main advantages of PropTech for real estate agents in Singapore is efficiency. Traditional methods of buying and selling property can be time-consuming and tedious. Paperwork and meetings take time to deal with. PropTech tools can digitise much of this, saving time and effort.
Examples of PropTech include:

  • Virtual home tours using 360-degree video and 3D modeling technology. These allow potential buyers to get a feel for a property without viewing in person. These have come to the forefront since the pandemic.
A cat wearing a 3d headset.  PropTech Singapore.  Tech is changing the way real estate transacts.
  • Listing platforms. PropTech makes it easier for agents to market properties to a global audience. This is especially useful in Singapore, with a competitive real estate market.
  • Property Management. PropTech is also changing the way landlords manage their properties. Apps and online platforms allow landlords to manage their rental properties remotely. This includes tasks such as collecting rent, scheduling maintenance, and communicating with tenants.

Until now, PropTech hasn’t truly helped investors or property purchasers. That’s why we built Du Val Global.

Proptech Singapore – Du Val Global

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Du Val Global is a real estate investment software tool built to help investors. It enables buyers to make better investment decisions when they buy property. Du Val Global provides the real estate investment tools needed for critical decision-making. This includes:

  • Research – access to our powerful property data tool that provides real-time market research. This provides a complete picture of tenant economics, prevailing rents, and capital values 
  • Financial Analysis – a property investment tool. Financial models determine the net return after tax and return on investment. This means investors can understand specific tax implications of any property investment.
  • Financial Analysis – The property comparison tool compares investments on an after-tax basis. This helps determine the best investment for every single investor. Investors can even compare properties in different countries
  • Du Val Dynamic Pricing™. Du Val Global offers properties for sale from leading developers in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom . The properties are sold via our proprietary Du Val Dynamic Pricing™ algorithm. This sophisticated pricing model levels the playing field for small investors. We do this through aggregation, providing discounts of between 7.5% and 15% from retail prices. Until now, these discounts have only been available to large institutional investors. 
  • Property Portfolio Management. Our property portfolio software helps investors manage their assets. It monitors and tracks the performance of their investments.

Interested in giving our platform a go? Start your free trial today at Du Val Global.