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    An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Property Off-Plan

    People all over the world are fascinated with property. People dream of owning an investment property or even a property portfolio and living off its income. But how many achieve this goal and retire early to pursue their ambitions? My guess is not many.

    When it comes to buying property off-plan, the deck is stacked against small investors. Information and timing are critical to generating wealth, but access to information is out of reach for all but the privileged few. Without this information, small investors can’t make informed investment decisions.

    Investing off-plan can be highly rewarding. However, there is no magic negotiation tactic, or shortcut investors can use to win. As a small investor, you win by understanding the market, how it works, and by leveraging this knowledge.


    Prosper is written to put small investors in the driving seat when it comes to investing off plan. The objective of this book is to give you industry insights and an understanding of the basics of large-scale residential development. To show you how agents and developers determine marketing values and how marketing campaigns work. And to give you the tools and knowledge to create as much leverage as possible when negotiating to buy off-plan.

    There are many books about real estate investment, but few focus on investment strategies in the off-plan market. And even fewer are written by those who have walked the walk. I am a successful portfolio investor and worked at the highest levels within the residential project marketing industry. I want to give you the insights, knowledge, and ability to make informed investment decisions. My objective is to help you Analyse, Invest and Prosper.

    You’ll learn:

    • New Build Market Fundamentals: What are the fundamental principles behind the new build property market? How does residential property development work?
    • Purchase Price and Costs: How are properties priced, and how do you get to the bottom of how to consider purchasing costs?
    • Purchase and Operational Issues: What should you be thinking about when you purchase property both today and from an operational perspective?
    • Financial Performance: How do you measure and compare the potential financial performance of different investments?
    • Driving Financial Performance: How do you improve the financial performance of your investment?
    • Your Property Investment Strategy: How do you bring all this information together to put together your investment strategy?