Reviews – Prosper – An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Property Off-Plan

“Prosper is a fantastic detailed insight into international real estate investing. Using Australia, New Zealand, and UK, each chapter compares and contrasts these three markets with superb analysis and clear concise examples and diagrams. In addition, to the main issues of investing in Property such as; Taxes, Landlord/Tenant relationship, Maintenance & Repairs etc, the importance of diversification is stressed, and the fundamental necessity to have assets and incomes in more than once country/currency.

Off-plan investing is also covered in great detail, particularly the huge unappreciated costs/waste that goes into marketing and how you, the Investor, can benefit from this by directly negotiating with the Developer and saving both parties money in a win-win solution.

A must-read for any serious international investor who is thinking of starting or expanding his portfolio.”


‘Ashley Osborne’s book “Prosper: an inside guide to invest in an off plan property” is one of the most comprehensive, honest and readable books I have ever read. He has given all detail information, calculations and advices based on his years of valuable experience. For an amateur investor like me I wish I had read his book years ago.

The most impressive thing for me is in his book he is not shy from pointing out the tricks other developers used to make money from investors. Agree that anyone in business has to make profit but as an investor we have to be alert, vigilant and not fall into any potential traps.

If anyone wants to invest in off plan property this book is a must read and like myself I have to read it second or even third times to make sure I fully understand and can apply it. Enjoy exploring and reading this book which is key to your success in investing off plan property.’

Dr Mandy Leung

Prosper An Insider’s Guide to Investing in Off plan Property by Ashley Osborne is a book about the property and investing.

As I'm entering my mid twenties, I'm thinking about securing my future. And I have been thinking about investing in properties, as the population rises, people looking for residents are rising, so the real estate is booming. Reading this book was a real help in understanding property investments.

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Aakash A